One little thing


Holy smokes people! I am here for the second time today! Whoa kind of cool.

Guess what?

The little bantam laid us an egg today.

Bantam egg

Can you guess which one it is?

It’s the little one on the right.The crazy part,the bigger eggs are both from our full-sized Gold Laced Wyandotte.I am thinking two Bantam eggs make one big hen egg.

And do you know what else you see?

You see the egg holder Chance made me to cheer me out of a bad mood one day. I had first seen these egg holders while watching the mini series called “Upstairs Downstairs” .I am a geek I notice the little details.The one on the show must have held a dozen or more eggs and was a double-decker. Chance made this one as a trail run.It’s made from a lovely piece of Black Walnut our friend milled and Chance oiled it with vegetable oil.At some point he says he will gladly make us a double-decker.

I later saw some not as nicely crafted egg holders at a local feed store.Someone else also saw the usefulness in them.We rarely have any egg cartons around and the eggs had been housed in a bowl.This made it hard to keep track of the newest and the oldest eggs.Now I just try to go left to right,front to back. Since two hens are molting and not laying right now we can make do with only 8 holes for now.

It also means once less paper/limited reusable thing in the house.I know I can compost or recycle the paper cartons but if I don’t have them to begin with I am not adding to the need for them.  Crazy I know,but I turn down extra packaging all the time.


P.S I would just like to add-Turkeys are kind of dumb.Cute and charming but dumb. We let the chicken yard folks out around 9 in the morning,the hens went joyfully running out of the coop.The turkeys,it took them until 7 in the evening to find their way out of the coop.That’s about an hour before the hens are putting themselves to roost for the night.It’s happened twice in the past few days and they still can’t figure it out.That story about how turkeys will stand in the rain and drown is true,they really are that dumb. Good thing they will be butchered just before the weather gets to bad.


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  1. how hard is it to drill the big holes in the wood, for the egg holder? I have an idea to do this to a little wall shelf that I have here at Acorn Cottage, if it is not too hard to do…

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