My come back kid


Some of my long time readers already know the saga of our Issac and his health problems but I will tell the rest of you the story about Issac.

Four years ago Issac was diagnosed with Crohns Disease.I have it too,it was me who passed that on to him and it is a thorn in my mother’s heart. A year after his diagnosis Issac had major surgery that left him with an ostomy bag to give his gut a rest.After 8 weeks the ostomy was taken down and his bowel was repaired.A year after that he had his gallbladder out,a common thing in people with Crohn’s.The year before his diagnosis Issac had crushed his leg,it took three surgeries and some metal to save it.

All of this within two years,it’s been rough but being Issac he has carried on like a brave trooper. He listened when his surgeon said to him ” You don’t have to let this stop you,keep living your life.”

The past 3 years have been a long hard road for Issac.Up until recently he had been on a low dose of chemotherapy to suppress his autoimmune system.The drug left Issac wiped out all the time and the fatigue triggered migrains.Now that he is off of his medication he is feeling great.His only migraine over the summer was triggered by burning his candle from both ends.

So this is all good news in the end with only one stumbling block.Issac is 14 credits behind in school,a year and a half worth of schooling.This is his Senior year in High School.He had been that sick.

Issac has a goal…to finish on time and to walk with his class.And guess what?…the school thinks he can do it with lots of hard work.

I belive he can do it.He’s feeling good and positive about life.Issac has always had this eagle-eyed vision and focus,he sees his mark and he will get it.I can see that focus in his eyes these days.He’s been through lots of rough days but he knows if he could make it through all of that he can do anything.

There are so many moments of tears and worry I could write about but I am not going to.I am going to write about my pride in Issac.

When we first were told Issac has Crohn’s I wanted to melt into a sobbing puddle on the floor.But Issac looked at me and said “It’s ok Mama,you’ve learned to live with it and so can I” How can you fall apart when facing such a brave moment? That is my moment of pride and focus,together we live with it and we will carry on.

So I am hoping all of you readers will think good thoughts for our Issac while he works hard to complete 2 1/2 years of schooling within one school year.He’s been down a crazy road with no map but he’s finding his own path.He’s a fine young man in every sense.Issac’s name means “laughter”, he always brings that to the table with him.

Through all of this Issac had his bike.The one thing that became like a life raft for him,it kept him afloat and sane. For the last time I am sharing his bike video because it sums him up so well,brave, determined,true and my come back kid.

You can do it Little Man,I know you can,the twinkle in your eyes tells me so.Love Mama.



About Hrafinstaad Homestead

We are an Urban Homestead located in Beaverton Oregon.We are all about growing,cooking,preserving and curing our own foods. From time to time we offer various classes that interest those who are wanting to learn basic homesteading skills.

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  1. Issac has been gold-plated awesome from the day he was born. I remember once when I was holding him when he was just a little baby and he was fussing a bit, so I started waltzing with him and he grinned and stopped crying. That is one of my favorite memories! Of course, this would probably just embarrass him now. 😉 But he is one cool person, with a great future in front of him.

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