A wagon full of homesteading and a shop review.


 This morning Chance and I were running a few early morning errands that led us to a couple of good spots,that ended up filling the back of my little station wagon.

Our first stop at the feed store where two of our friends work.One of these friends is our chicken guy who brings assorted barn yard birds with him to work.He sells them off the back of his truck in the parking lot.This morning he had a darling of a bantam hen.The orginial owners re-homed her because she goes broody a lot. This fact did not keep me from falling in love with her.I think she was handled because she actually likes to sit on your lap. So she’s here now.I have her penned in our old broody house until we can make the yard bantam safe and until she gets the idea that this is now her home. She looks like this one. She’s pretty small and weighs only a few pounds.Bantams are the mini’s in the world of chicken breeds.She will lay a little egg for us but probably after she settles in.I grew up with Bantams and I remember how cute their eggs are.

Our other friend who works at the feed story is the one we got the turkeys from.She sent us home with two bags of feed.We also discussed moving the turkeys into their own home so we can fatten them up a bit.Turkeys need a higher protein feed to plump up which costs more.So by moving the turkeys they will be the only ones eating the feed.The feeds that were sent home with us will be mixed together,one is a chicken feed made locally and the other is a chick starter. (The chick starter has a high protein content of around 23% which will be good for the turkeys.)

This same friend reminded us about a shop that opened early summer late spring called Portland Homestead Supply Co which sells things a homesteader might find useful.I am going to say my vote is out on this shop until I stop by again. There were some interesting looking things there,some of them could be useful but in my world they were a bit “fluffy” .The shop is kind of boutique-ish if you get my drift.When I see Homestead Supply I think of a more homie,feed store type place. Or how about Jim’s Jars? There’s an adventure onto its self,quirky and housed in a garage.

I really don’t like to own things that only do one job or supposedly do a job that isn’t really a job.For example there was this metal thing that Chance picked up. “What is that?! ” I asked.The tag said it was for canning lids.You load the lids into these little slats and you then using the handle you lower the whole thing into boiling water to sterilize you lids.Really? I mean Really?  Come on people you can do this work with just a pair of tongs.The same tongs you use for 5 million other cooking jobs.This gadget reminded me of all of those Ronco ads you used to see on T.V.

I am also kind of  under the impression that homesteading is about self-sufficiency and not about having “stuff”. My Grandparents didn’t have gadgets to do their work they had multi-functioning tools.

But they did have liquid rennet,score! I have been looking all over town for liquid rennet with no luck.The closest place to buy is out in Carlton which is about an hour from here,in a direction I don’t go but once in a blue moon.Not worth the gas to go.Sellwood tho, I go there every so often and it’s not that far out of my way.

Chance did see a grain mill he would like us to have at some point.That was a news flash to me but we will talk it over and shop around.

Don’t let my non-consummer point of view  keep you from stopping in the shop. If you enjoy boutique shopping go for it.

Our last stop was just to pick up Chance’s tools from a long running side job he’s working on so he could come home and work on a different side job.He’s building 6 garden boxes for our friend’s (the turkey co-owner) client.

Here’s the boxes-GArden box

 The 6 foot one.

   Here you can see how Chance filled the screw holes with doweling.To hide the screws and so it looks nice.

It has been so hot here,unusual for this time of year. The yard is turning brown in the heat.Our back garden looks like this green oasis,lush and cool.Tomorrow things are supposed to start cooling down.Now if it would only rain.



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  1. good to hear about yr adventurous day. I am sure that your new hen will settle in nicely. I have been curious about the new homestead store in Sellwood, might have to go check them out myself just for fun. Their website looks more trendy than downhome, but it is another source, with hopefully a slightly different mix of goods for sale. I’ve always simply dumped the lids into a small pan of hot water, and picked them out with tongs…

  2. My thoughts exactly about that store. And I couldn’t afford it. I want a turkey and a chicken who will lay in my lap, not only ones that just walk into the house like they own it…ha! Chance makes some lovely boxes. Very jealous! –Lacy

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