Chicken Butchering Class this evening!


This evening Chance and I will be teaching our Chicken Butchering class.This time around the class is very small but this works out just fine since it gives us lots of room for helping and chatting as we go.

Yesterday we met up with our chicken guy to pick up our demo hen and had a great chat with him about chickens and raising our own meat birds. I always enjoy getting someone elses input on some of our ideas.This time around our thoughts were not to far off,we just didn’t realize we have some options avalibleĀ to us.But before I say to much more I am going to stop so we can think it all out to the end.That way I’ll have a clear plan to share.

Chance and I have this ongoing talk with each other about what more we could be doing around here.How can we take things a step further,what are we over looking and what is missing that we may want to be doing? Over the last few days we’ve come up with a list of sorts and here it is.

  • Trying a sane way of raising our own meat birds.
  • Adding some Runner Ducks to our flock for their charm & eggs.
  • Turkey?
  • Seeking out new skills that would further us along our journey.What those are is still open and a major focus.

There is a whole posting about why we are looking closely at what we are doing which involve a couple of conversations with others,the state of our personal economy and our country’s but it will be a long post that this busy day does not have time for.

On that note I must be going.I have a list of things to do before this evenings class.The top item go grocery shopping because for once our Issac is right there is nothing in the house to eat.Well, nothing that would work out.Peanut butter and canned smoked fish sandwich anyone? I didn’t think so.I will be back here with a report on our butchering class and the list of thoughts.




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